Ok, FiC followers, I am totally fangirling today. Katey, from the blog Chronicles of Frivolity, is gracing us all with her uber-talented presence; and I couldn’t be more excited to share her fabulousness with y’all! Just take a little look at this blogger princess…

Katey McFarlan | Fit is Chic

I mean, I just can’t even with her jean shorts, chambray and Nikes. Uh-maze-ing. This girl 100% looks like a barbie all. the. time. Aaaaand I may or may not be a little obsessed. It’s fine.

Katey McFarlan | Fit is Chic

Besides running an envy-worthy blog, she manages to keep a house that is Pinterest-perfect.

Katey McFarlan | Fit is Chic

And this beautiful girl is getting married in September!

Katey | Fit is Chic

Katey is Superwoman; and because her soul is just as beautiful as her face, she’s sharing some of her Superwoman secrets with us!

10 Tips for Staying Fit When You’re “Too Busy” to Work Out

Hi girls! I’m Katey from the blog Chronicles of Frivolity! I’m a bride that runs a business and decided to just buy my first home, so needless to say my schedule is not exactly conducive to working out! However, working out makes me feel SO MUCH better and helps me handle my chaotic schedule. And let’s be real, if I’m on my honeymoon uncomfortable in a bikini I won’t even remember I had a busy schedule, I’ll just be kicking myself for not making time to work out!

I wanted to help share my 10 tips for getting fit when it seems you have no time, because we have all go through schedules that are anything but glamorous!

  1. Go Early

I work out Monday through Friday at 6:30 a.m. Am I a morning person? Absolutely not! I mean is anyone? Who honestly wants to leave a cozy bed before the sun is up? However, when I plan to work out at 5 p.m. 9 times out of 10 life gets in the way. Plans come up. Work makes you stay late. People need help. Work out before anyone or anything is able to throw a kink in your schedule. You deserve to start your day by getting some “me time.”

  1. Go Monday

My other rule besides going early is to go Monday. If I skip a Monday workout I’m so tempted to skip on Tuesday and then again on Thursday. When you start your week off by making time it makes it seem as if you can do that the other days so much more easily!

  1. Date Night

When I fell in love with my groom, I also gained 8 pounds. I’m 5’3” so it was definitely not a cute 8 pounds. When you’re on a new date who wants to turn down the spinach dip? Thankfully that weight has gone, but I learned in the process that I had to change some of our date nights. If you’re seeing someone new or in that new stage of a relationship [or even in a long-term one!] suggest that one date a week is an active one! It starts overlapping into more of your dates and before you know it, most of your dates are centered around going on walks or runs and then you don’t feel bad turning down an appetizer!

  1. Keep a Folder

Keep an inspo folder on your phone! My iPhone lets me add photos into one folder specifically dedicated to workout pictures. I screenshot things from Pinterest or photos of me really comfortable in a bikini, when my alarm goes off at 6 a.m. and I want to hit snooze I’m able to open that folder and get my rear end out of bed!

  1. Book It

You pre-plan meetings, you schedule lunch dates, so schedule your workouts! On Sundays I carve out 30 minutes to schedule out my week and I include my workouts. Book classes or arrange workouts with friends, that way if you back out there are penalties or your friend gives you a hard time! 😉

  1. Date Around

Don’t like running? No problem! You don’t have to marry it! I think something that is really hard is that we have a notion that workout out is miserable and therefore, you think you don’t have time to do it. You just have to find what you like and do that! Lots of companies like “class pass” allow you to hop around different studios for a flat fee and that way you can try what you like. Once you find a workout you love it’s hard to not find time!

  1. Seasonal Goals

Tie in your shopping purchases to working out! Right now I’m really motivated because I’m getting married, but I know once the honeymoon is over sleeping in will be so much more tempting. However, give yourself a goal each season to treat yourself! Maybe it’s a vacation or a handbag, but tell yourself you have to go 4x a week for 4 months before you can purchase it! Tally up each workout and it will motivate you to get in the gym and make time!

  1. Change GNO

Just like dating, Girls Night Out can be such a workout trap! It’s typically centered around food or cocktails and you aren’t moving around too much. I just request to my girlfriends that 2 GNO a month are active ones. We try workout classes together we might be too intimidated to try alone and then go home and cook a healthy meal for each other. You’re making time for friends and your workouts, which will ease up your schedule!

  1. Couch Potato Trick

I run my own business, so coveted couch time is rare. And when it does happen I’m the happiest little girl. However, if I find that I’m free and skipped the gym to lay around I tell myself I have to watch my Tivo in a sports bra and workout leggings. About 15 minutes into Real Housewives I start to think, “Ehhh, I’d like to firm up. I’ll go run on my commercial break.” That way I’m still comfortable but I’m not in pajamas so I have no excuse to not go to the gym after! It’s a little mind trick that works every time!

  1. Sleeping Beauty it Up

You are busy, so you also need sleep! If you find yourself only getting 5 hours a night each night to make your workouts, give yourself a break on the weekend and sleep in. Exhaustion can lead to injuries, which keep you from working out for a long time. Don’t spread yourself too thin and keep workouts to 30 minutes if you are truly overbooked!

Happy weekend, my sweet friends! Xo

Love, Mattie Claire | Fit is Chic

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