Being a trainer has its perks. And creating a workout based on your clients’ comments is most certainly one of them. If you’re a trainer, these little comments are probably all too familiar to you. If you’re a human who has a trainer, read on…and take notes.

1. “I feel like a total lard today. Just kill me.” 

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Challenge. Accepted.

2. “UGH, I hate (insert really hard exercise here)!”

You know why you hate it? Because you’re intimidated by it, and you THINK you can’t do it. Therefore, we will make you do it until you are no longer intimidated by it. Capeesh?

3. “I can’t do this.”

Can’t is a curse word. Can’t is not an option. You CAN do it. And you WILL do it. And we’ll stand there and cheer you on until you DO do it, no matter how long it takes.

4. “It’s been a week, and I see no change. I’m over it.” 

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Rome wasn’t built in a day, my friend. Have faith in your trainer, be patient, and don’t EVER give up. We’ve got your back!

5. “I’m like deathly ill, but I still showed up today! Aren’t you proud?” (As you sneeze and cough all over everything.)

We really do love you, and yes, we’re proud. But…

Trainer probs | Fit is Chic

Plus, your body needs rest more than it needs a beating from your trainer when it’s fighting to get well.

6. “I keep checking the scale and I’m gaining weight.” 

Number 1, QUIT CHECKING THAT EVIL SCALE. Number 2, muscle weighs more than fat. How are your clothes fitting? How are you feeling? Do you have more energy? Do you feel stronger? THAT’S what you should be worrying about. A stupid number doesn’t mean a damn thing.

7. “This isn’t getting any easier for me.”

Working out will never be easy. If it was easy, everyone would be doing it. That’s the beauty in fitness; there is no end. There’s always room to improve, excel and overcome. Take it one day at a time, and realize just how awesome you are for putting in the work!

Keep up the hard work & stay fit, friends! Xo

Love, Mattie Claire

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