Whether you have no idea who the hell I am (and you just read my blog because it’s awesome), or you’ve “known” me for years, there’s probably still a few things you miiiight not know about me.

Like who do you think you are? And why do you think people give a shit about reading your blog?

Well, I’m 99% sure most people are just curious about what I have to say. I’ve provided glorious gossip content for years; why stop now? 😉

So without further ado…

1. I’m left-handed.
Lefties are awesome; and we’re freaks of nature. If you’re right-handed, you don’t know the struggle of scissors. So, bye.

2. I could’ve gone to college on a fencing scholarship. 
Fencing, as in sword fighting. But clearly, I decided against it for fear of being shunned from the cool crowd forever. And don’t worry, I didn’t learn at the park from those knights-of-the-round-table wannabes; I learned at camp.

fencing | Fit is Chic

3. My hair is real.
No dear, these are not extensions. Move along.

4. I didn’t learn to write well until I was 21.
Honestly, if my high school english teachers (or any teacher from high school) were to read my blog, they would most likely laugh…and then faint. Seriously.

5. My name is not short for anything.
My name is Mattie. Period. Not Mattison, not Matelyn, not Matilda. It’s Mattie. But thank you for your creativity trying to guess my imaginary name?

Fit is Chic

6. I’ve had to work my ass off for the body I have.
Seriously. I work hard every. single. day. I’m not naturally fit…unfortunately.

7. I’ve probably shot more animals than your dad and brother combined.
And I have three hanging in my living room.

8. I love cats.
And you secretly do too. So don’t judge.

Fit is Chic

Have a fabulous day! Xo

Love, Mattie Claire

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