Why do I only think about King Cake and Hand Grenades on Fat Tuesday? Like really, why? I live in West Texas, not in New Orleans. And unfortunately, walking down the street wearing  a skimpy romper, with a Hand Grenade (or 3) in your hand, is just not acceptable here in Lubbock, Texas…or anywhere else, other than NOLA, for that matter. (Bummer).

A skimpy romper on the street may not be acceptable, but a kick-ass Elliptical workout (in a skimpy sports bra) is definitely acceptable. Just not too skimpy; those beads hurt when they’re thrown at you! 😉

In just 20 minutes, this workout will torch up to 240 calories — depending on how fast you move those legs. The faster your pace, the more you’ll burn. Make a playlist of songs with good down beats, and try to stay on beat the whole entire time. Regardless of the level, stay on the beat. Let the music push you through your workout.

Fat Tuesday Elliptical Workout

After 20 minutes, don’t forget to “cool down” for at least 4 minutes, drink plenty of water, and stretch out those legs.

Obviously this workout can be done any time, not just Fat Tuesday. It’s fast, effective and fun; and perfect when you’re in a time crunch!

Let me know if/when you try it. I’d love to hear some feedback. Happy Fat Fit Tuesday, friends! Xo

Love, Mattie Claire

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