Some days I wake up feeling so strong; like, I could conquer the damn world type of strong. And I LOVE those days. Those are the days I get stuff DONE. But then there’s those other days…the days I wake up feeling like I want to crawl under a blanket, with cake, and not talk to a soul. You feel me?

Seven Steps to a Stronger You ft. Sweaty Betty | Fit is Chic

Why can’t every day be a conquer-the-world kind of day, right?

Well, with a little practice, and lots of self-motivation, those crawl-under-a-blanket days will be few and far between, my friend.

Seven Steps to a Stronger You ft. Sweaty Betty | Fit is Chic

Six Steps to a Stronger You

1. Get your beauty rest. — No one can conquer the world with a lack of sleep. Those emails, texts and notifications can wait until the morning. GO TO SLEEP. I try to get at least seven hours every night. Because without it, I’m useless.

2. Do five minutes of planks every single day. Planks are my favorite. They will always be my favorite. They’re hard, and they’re effective! I do a forearm plank, full plank, both sides, and backwards plank; one minute of each. Try it for two weeks, and then tell me what you think.

3. Don’t be scared of the weights. — No matter how many spin, yoga, or step classes you take, your body will transform 10 times faster with weightlifting. And I’m not talking 50+ lb. dumbbells, y’all. I mean, pick up those 10 pounders, and pump some iron! Try adding it to your workout routine at least three times per week. You can find my bicep workout here, and my shoulder workout here.

4. Don’t compare yourself to ANYONE. — Nobody can do you better than you. So do you, boo boo. Seriously, comparison will rob you blind of happiness. Just do the very best you can. You’re beautiful, and you’re a badass. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

5. Try not to judge others. — Judgement is not your job; that’s for the man upstairs. And I think he’s pretty much got it covered. The older I get, the more I realize judging people is an unattractive lack of character. We’re all guilty, but I’ll be the first to admit how much better life is when you leave the judging up to God.

6. Point out the positives. — Hi, I’m Mattie. And I’m a Negative Nancy. But I’m in recovery. 🙂  Because omg that shit gets SO OLD. For the loooooooongest time, I had a habit of pointing out everything negative. It didn’t matter how much fun I was having, I would always find something to complain about. WTF. Who wants to be around someone like that? Yea, nobody. I make it a point every single day to point out the positives. If I find something beautiful in someone, I’ll tell them. If I’m enjoying the moment, I’ll reiterate how much it means to me. If I’m having an exciting day, I’ll take a few minutes to slow down and soak it in. Change is never easy, but the outcome is worth the struggle. <3

Seven Steps to a Stronger You ft. Sweaty Betty | Fit is Chic

Sports Bra | Leggings (They’re reversible, and they are FABULOUS!)

Photography: Kristin Rottman | Activewear provided by Sweaty Betty

Stay strong, friends! Xo



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2 Comments on Six Steps to a Stronger You

  1. Meghan
    July 31, 2016 at 1:30 am (2 years ago)

    I seriously come back to read this post every couple of days to remind myself to point out the positives! I definitely tend to focus on the negative things, so thank you so much for the great reminder!

  2. Emily
    February 6, 2017 at 4:46 am (1 year ago)

    I loved this post, a very refreshing and uplifting read.


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