I’ve been overseas. I’ve been to Hawaii. I’ve been to New York. I’ve been to the Caribbean. I’ve been to A LOT of cool places. But in my mind, I haven’t even scratched the surface. There’s so many places I want to see in this world. And so many things I want to do.

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People ask me all the time,

Where’s your favorite place you’ve traveled?

And every time they ask, I freeze. Because everywhere I’ve been is different. Each trip is special. Every place has meaning, and memories. I love everywhere I’ve been. Because in that first few seconds, when I see a destination for the first time, THAT place is my favorite.

Excuse My French | Fit is Chic

I’ve never really sat down and made a travel bucket list, but there’s no time like the present, right? Besides, The Boyfriend has been asking me to make one for years! 🙂

My Travel Bucket List

1. Amalfi Coast
30 miles of breathtaking coastline. Yes, please. Pictures of those cliffs, and pebble beaches, get me every time.

2. Venice
An Italian town, built on a lagoon, in the middle of the Adriatic Sea. If that’s not a place that screams “MERMAID”, idk what is?

3. Paris
I have Mary Kate and Ashley to thank for this. Passport to Paris changed my life.

4. Boston
Mainly because I want to hear them speak. And also because The Boyfriend raves about Boston.

5. Washington D.C.
Everyone needs to see the White House at least once in their lifetime.

6. Great Barrier Reef in Australia
Again, thanks, MK and Ash! But seriously, I’d love to visit Australia someday.

7. Singapore
After hearing about my friend’s recent visit, the travel bug bit me HARD.

8. The Great Wall of China
The ultimate workout. 🙂

9. Greece
I have a feeling the pictures don’t do this place justice.

10. Dubai 
The Middle East fascinates me. It also terrifies me. But I would love to see Dubai.

11. Cairo
Learning about the Giza pyramids and the Sphinx, in 6th grade, was my favorite history lesson. Ever. I think I’d cry happy tears if I ever got to see them in person!

12. Morocco
According to TripAdvisor, Marrakech was voted the #1 destination to travel in the world for 2015.

13. Cape Town Central
Or anywhere in Africa, really.

And pretty much every other destination on this list.

Are any of these destinations on your bucket list? Have you been anywhere you think I need to add to my list? Fill me in!

Excuse My French | Fit is Chic

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Love, Mattie Claire


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