Dec 17,18

Tonight is a repeat of the second half of December 5th’s challenge. If you need a quick reminder on how to do those exercises, click here.


I have to admit, I’m much more excited for tomorrow’s challenge. I adore Mary Poppins; and I have since I was a child. From what I’ve been told, I watched that VHS about five times a day for approximately three years. No wonder I’m an impeccable speller! SUPERCALAFRAGALISTICEXPEALIDOCIOUS. Say THAT five times fast. 😉


The first part of tomorrow’s challenge is a squat marathon, so get ready! Your thighs will be on fire, but you will look SMOKIN’ hot in your New Year’s Eve dress.

New Year's Eve Dress | Fit is Chic


Squats: Stand with feet hip-width apart, and your arms at a comfortable position. Squat down as if your sitting in a chair, and then raise back up. Repeat 25 times. –> On your 25th squat, stay down. Pulse up and down slightly 25 times, and then hold for 25 seconds. Feel the burn, baby!


Next up, let’s torch your inner thighs…and then do push-ups. Sounds fun, right?

pass out

Don’t worry; you are NOT going to pass out. You got this!

Inner-Thigh Sweeps: Get in a push-up position with a paper towel under each foot. Sweep your legs out like you’re doing the center splits, and then sweep them back together. Repeat 25 times. Keep your core tight! **You will need to do this on a floor without carpet.

Push-Ups: Get in the prone position, with hands and feet shoulder-width apart. Raise and lower your body using your arms. Remember to squeeze your core.

Guess what? You are DONE.


Well, done until tomorrow. 😉


Keep up the hard work! Xo

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