What a great response from all of my friends! I’m so glad you all have decided to try my 25 Days of Fitness Challenge. How did yesterday go? Were you able to keep it going at every commercial break? Those of you who are taking before and after pictures, I can’t wait to see your results! Save those pics; I want to feature you on the blog.

Dec 1st & 2nd | 25 Days of Fitness

For today, we’ve got scissor kicks, flutter kicks, and six inches. Ohhh yea, six inches baby. Takin’ it back to junior high athletics. You know you love it.

All three of these exercises will target your lower abs if you do them correctly. Key word: correctly! If you’re putting in the time to tighten those troublesome lower ab muscles, might as well do ’em right.

Scissor Kicks: Lie flat on your back with your hands resting underneath you — they should be right where your lower back and tush muscles meet (palms facing down). Lift your neck and shoulders slightly off the ground; just enough so you can see what your legs are doing (this is for you, Miss Uncoordinated). Lift your legs six inches off the ground and alternate left foot over right foot. Don’t forget to point those toes!

Scissor-kick from Fit is Chic
Scissor-kick from Fit is Chic
Side note: If you are more advanced, you can keep your head and shoulders on the floor. Some people prefer to look at their legs while kicking. I like my head and shoulders off the floor – it helps keep my abs engaged. 

Flutter Kicks: Exact same concept as scissor kicks. Instead of crossing right foot over left foot, you flutter your legs up and down as if you’re doing the flutter kick in a pool. Again, keep your toes pointed.

Six Inches: We all know this one. Same form as above; just keep your legs together at six inches off the floor. Squeeze, hold, and point your toes.

Two days down, 23 more to go. You got this. Keep me updated on how it’s going, and don’t forget to share the challenge with your friends and family!

For a complete rundown of my 25 Days of Fitness Challenge, click here.

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