The end is near, y’all. We are almost done with 25 Days of Fitness! I can’t believe how fast time has flown by. We are to the point now where every night is a repeat of an earlier challenge; so congratulations on getting through the hard part! 🙂

Speaking of hard part, my poor little coffee pot has been laid to rest. BUT, guess what? I GOT A KEURIG! Sweet little Santa (AKA: my boyfriend’s parents) made an early delivery last night, just for me. . .

Mattie's Keurig

Isn’t it fabulous? If you don’t have one, I certainly suggest investing in one. No clean up, and amazing coffee! Here’s where mine came from — (Target Keurig)

So since I’ll be visiting family the next couple of days, here’s your challenges for December 21st and 22nd —

Dec 21, 22

The next two days are holiday movie marathons; so take advantage of the weekend, and go for a 25-minute run both days. Put down the wrapping paper, throw on your workout clothes, and go clear your head. Your body (and your busy mind) will thank you. If you’re not a runner, do a fast walk.

If you need a refresher on scissor kicks, flutter kicks, and six inches, click here.

For a breakdown of my crunches and turtle reaches, click here.

For my Pilates pumps crash course, click here.

Want a recap of my mountain climbers and jumping jacks? Click here.


I hope everyone’s holiday season is going smoothly. Don’t stress out too much! Life is too short to stress about flawlessly-wrapped presents and perfectly-prepared meals. Your family will love you no matter what; I promise. Take time for yourself, relax and enjoy each day. And most importantly, remember the reason for the season! #Amen 😉

Love, Mattie Claire

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