There’s nothing like a good ol’ ice storm to kick off the Christmas season. I swear, more often than not, Mother Nature is drunk in West Texas. It was 75 degrees two days ago; and now it’s ice-ing (not snow, not rain, not sleet, just tiny little balls of ice). All the more reason to stay in tonight and dominate day five of the challenge!

Dec 5 | 25 Days of Fitness | FitisChic.comEven if you don’t have time to watch these movies, or prefer to watch something different, you can still fit these workouts in. Just treat the workouts like circuits. Each commercial break is approximately two to three minutes long, and there are about ten commercial breaks per movie. So, 20-30 minutes of doing each circuit is perfect. Do five minutes of activity, get some water, catch your breath, and hit it again.

Tonight, we’re getting our push-up on. Real push-ups or girl push-ups, whatever you prefer; just as long as you’re pushin’!

Push-ups: Get in the prone position, with hands and feet shoulder-width apart. Raise and lower your body using your arms. Remember to squeeze your core.

Knee push-ups are for babies! Push yourself to do real push-ups. It’s amazing what your body can accomplish when you put your mind to it. 

Next, we’ve got high knees, ski hops, and calf raises. Caution: this will make you sweat…I mean, glisten. 😉


High Knees: Raise knee to a 90 degree angle; and then alternate knees in a jogging motion. Keep your core tight!

Photo Credit: Women's Health | Fit is Chic
Photo Credit: Women’s Health | Fit is Chic

Ski Hops: Set a book on the floor for reference. Stand on one side of the book with feet together, hop over the book to the other side, and hop back. The higher you jump the better.  **For a challenge, stack multiple books.

Calf Raises: Hold on to the side of something sturdy (like a chair). With feet together and parallel, lift up to the balls of your feet, lower your heels, and repeat.

With this less-than-desirable weather, you have the perfect excuse to stay in and GET FIT. Keep me updated on how it’s going; and keep up the hard work, y’all! Xo

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