I totally jinxed myself by talking about The Boyfriend being sick on Valentine’s Day. Because y’all, it hit me HARD. I’m talking waking up with a 100+ degree fever, body aches, and a pounding head kind of hard.

I usually can power through, at least, the strength training part of my workouts when I’m sick. But Tuesday was a NO GO. I haven’t felt that bad in a reeeeally long time. But on the bright side, I got a plethora of home remedies from y’all on Snapchat! Seriously, so many clever little tricks!

Side note: If you (God forbid) get sick in the future, this humidifier will change your life! Along with this little miracle.

Ok, enough with the sick talk. Let’s talk fitness. How’s everyone’s post-holiday bod coming along? Struggling? Feeling good? Dgaf? I was doing pretty damn good until Valentine’s weekend; and then my self control went on vacation. And then I got sick. And now I’m a little bloated. But shit happens.


LOL. I could watch that all day. ^^

TIME TO CRACK DOWN. I’ve got an awards banquet to attend in Austin this weekend, and our annual Miami vacay is in TWO weeks!

So here’s the plan, betches — Over the next two weeks, we’re going to do this fat-blasting workout at least six times. Deal? And I’m going to be here to help you through it. YOU CAN DO IT!

February Fat Blaster | Fit is Chic

This should take you, at the most, 35 minutes.

Only 35 minutes. Make it happen!

Stay fit, friends! Xo

Love, Mattie Claire


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