scaleI haven’t stepped on a scale since the last time I went to the doctor. What is this obsession with “weight?” I understand the need for confirmation that you are actually shedding pounds, but do you feel it? Do you feel lighter? Doubt it. It breaks my heart when I see a woman at the gym step on the scale with a defeated look on her face. Girl, you are at the gym! You’re already ahead of those who aren’t. I’m no expert, but take it from someone who used to be obsessed with the scale — IT DOESN’T MATTER. The way you feel is the only thing that matters.

Do yourself a favor and free your ego from the scale. Gauge your weight by how you feel. It doesn’t take a nutrition expert to know eating a sleeve of Oreos in bed…with ice cream (it happens) will make you feel a little puffy in the morning. You may feel puffy, but you didn’t gain five pounds; I promise.

As human beings, we have a psychological need to feel good. Like it or not, it’s how God made us. Unfortunately, that ooey gooey double chocolate chip cookie sends the same feel-good waves to your brain as crack. Hence the name crack cookies. 😉 While divulging in a mouth-watering cookie (or juicy burger) will make you feel good, putting on your “skinny” jeans with ease will make you feel great.

From my observation, experience and research, we are in a constant battle with our bodies. We want to feel good, but we want to look great. Who said you can’t have both? They lied; you CAN have both. Cookies, burgers and ice cream will undoubtedly taste like heaven, but is the guilt you feel afterwards worth it?

I challenge you to order something off of the Light menu next time you are out to eat. Make your decision, place your order, eat your dinner, and bask in your glory. It’s a commendable feat, my friend; and we all know it isn’t easy. If it was easy everyone would do it. Doesn’t it feel good? No guilt, no shame, and no “I ate too much again.” Before you know it, this challenge will become a habit. (It takes 21 days to make or break a habit). You can do it. I believe in you!

So free yourself from that scale. Challenge yourself to eat better and exercise. With a healthy lifestyle there’s no need for a scale. Encourage your friends and family to do the same. The more support the better.

Not sure what restaurants have good light menu options? Here’s a list of my faves:

  • BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse has a great menu of Enlightened Entrees — all options are under 575 calories.
  • Chili’s has yummy options too. Their Lighter Choices are all under 675 calories. The Lighter Choice 6 oz. sirloin is my absolute favorite — so good!
  • Chuy’s has awesome salads. Skip the dressing they offer, and stick with salsa.
  • The fajita salads from Rosa’s are great too. Ask for no sour cream, and use salsa for dressing.

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