You know those days when you 100% have absolutely NO desire to do anything productive? And the thought of working out makes you want to crawl in a hole and never come out? I know what you’re thinking; and the answer is yes. Yes, I have those days too. More often than you think.

But lucky for us, God created:

Netflix | Fit is Chic

If you don’t know about Netflix, you’ve obviously been living under a rock. It’s seriously the

Not only does Netflix provide endless at-home entertainment, it motivates me to drag my butt onto a treadmill; even on the laziest of lazy days.

All you need is the Netflix app, and a pair of headphones; and a 20-minute cardio session turns into an hour-long cardio session before you know it.

So, for your fitness entertainment, here’s a list of my favorite TV shows on Netflix (in no particular order):

Fitflix | Fit is Chic

1. Grey’s Anatomy – Medical drama at its finest.

2. Parenthood – A sweet show about raising children, and dealing with family.

3. House of Cards – Amazing political drama. But you have to pay attention, or you’ll get lost…fast.

4. Desperate Housewives – Embarrassingly addicting.

5. Orange is the New Black – A privileged white woman goes to jail, and it’s crazy. Beware of uncomfortable sex scenes. Lots of them.

6. Last Man Standing – An über-Republican father (Tim Allen) raising three daughters. Hilarious!

7. Brothers and Sisters – If you have a big family you will love this show.

8. Breaking Bad – Two words: Jesse Pinkman.

9. The Following – This show will blow your mind. Pure craziness.

10. Friday Night Lights – This is the best series in the history of ever. It’ll teach you a little something about parenting, and compromise.

11. Law & Order: SVU – This show NEVER gets old.

Are there any shows you love that I missed? Fill me in; I can never have too many TV shows! 😉

Enjoy my Fitflix! & Stay fit, friends! Xo

Love, Mattie Claire

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