Football season is officially in full swing. Which means my Saturday workouts are officially on the decline.

I just reeeeally have a hard time dragging myself to the gym when there’s a tailgate loudly yelling my name. That struggle is 110% real. I know y’all feel me.

But this year, I’m prepared. Screw the gym, I’m knocking it out in my living room!

This game-day workout will take less than thirty minutes; and with absolutely no equipment, you’ll work your entire body.

Game-Day Workout | Fit is Chic

Sorry peeps, no more excuses to skip your Saturday sweat sesh this football season. The holidays will be here before you know it; no time to slack off now! 😉

Stay fit, friends! Xo

Love, Mattie Claire

P.S. Wreck ’em!

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