I have traveled to a lot of really cool places, but there’s a certain place on my bucket list I refuse to give up on seeing someday.

Australia | Fit is Chic

Yup, you guessed it; Australia, mate.

Kick-ass views, kangaroos, and like, the most beautiful people ever. Seriously, have you ever seen an Australian?

australian | Fit is Chic

australian | Fit is Chic

australian | Fit is Chic

australian | Fit is Chic

Australian genes. Out of control, yo. Beautiful people, and beautiful people with some serious brains.

While yes, the U.S. has some fabulous active-wear options….

(Check out the new line of Nike bras that are vintage-y. So fun!)
Nike | Fit is Chic

Australia takes active wear to a whole new level. Take StyleRunner for example. The world’s first premier online store, created by two sisters, for fashionable active wear. I could spend hours on this site…and all of my money. The outfits are endless!

Style Runner | Fit is Chic

Pretty fabulous, right? A one-shoulder sports bra? I die. (Here’s the link to this look.)

Another brand, straight out of the Outback: Vie Active. A little on the sexier side, this Australian line is going to be everything for housewives everywhere. I’m calling it now.

Vie Active | Fit is Chic

The Brazilian Butterfly print (featured above) is one of the tamer options. If you’re a total vixen, go for the Leopard look. Rawwwr!

If you’re a little on the edgy side, you HAVE to check out L’urv; another Australian active-wear line.

L'urv | Fit is Chic

Leather sports bras, and loud graphic tees make this line absolutely irresistible in my book.

My apologies in advance for the hour(s) you’re about to spend on these sites. 😉

Enjoy! & stay fit, friends! Xo

Love, Mattie Claire

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