I’m sitting at home, cuddled up on my couch, on New Year’s Eve. And I’m not mad about it. Like, not even one bit. The Boyfriend ordered Orlando’s for dinner, and it was perfect. I ate a salad the size of my head + chips and queso. And yea, I have the appetite of a pregnant woman every day of my life; it’s fine.

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But seriously though, staying in on NYE is way underrated. This shit is great. I get to gawk at everyone else’s Snapchats, FB posts, Instas, and Tweets. It’s like I’m basically there…but not. And I can guarantee my pajamas kick your sparkly dress’ ass. Respectfully, of course.

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Another plus to staying in this evening? Extra time to cogitate on my goals for 2015. Yes, goals; not resolutions.

Resolution : the act of finding an answer or solution to a conflict, problem, etc. : the act of resolving something.

I have no problems or conflicts I need to resolve, so these, my friends, are my GOALS:

1. Use my phone ONLY when necessary. My phone will always be here, my friends and family will not. 

2. No texting while driving. Ever. No exceptions. 

3. Make an effort to make new friends. Friends don’t drop out of the sky. 

4. Make an effort to stay in touch with my current friends. Life is busy, but life is also short. 

5. Increase my client base from 13 to 20. Love all of you. Y’all make my life so fun! 

6. Reach out to extended family. They don’t even know me, really. 

7. Let go of hurt feelings and bad memories. Life goes on.

8. Listen when spoken to. Really listen. Don’t just hear them; listen. 

9. Stop living in a timeline. God has one badass plan. As he’s proved time and time again. 

10. Stress less. I’m literally too blessed to be stressed. #vomit, I know. But seriously. 

11. Be more tolerant of chewing. And all manly eating habits, in general. The Boyfriend will love this one. (You’re welcome, honey.)

12. Read more books. The more I read, the better I write. 

13. Re-read at least 20 books in the Bible. 

14. Prepare my heart for the future. (Refer to # 13.)

15. Always be on time. Unless it’s appropriate to be fashionably late.

16. Learn how to invest my savings. 

17. Pick The Boyfriend’s brain regarding financial planning. 

18. Pick my dad’s brain regarding…life. He knows everything. 

19. Learn at least one of my mom’s kick-ass bread recipes. 

20. Travel more. 

21. Worry less.

22. Love like there’s no tomorrow. 

Happy 2015, friends! Xo

Love, Mattie Claire

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