Getting my hair done is probably one of my top 5 favorite things in life. My hairdresser is literally a God when it comes to hair. I can go up to 4 months without even needing a touchup; THAT’S how good he is with my color. And, after going to him consistently for the past 4 years, my hair is the healthiest it’s ever been.

If you’re a girl with long hair you know how traumatic “trims” can be, am I right? Lucky for me, Scot, my hairdresser, is a bonafide badass with long hair. So, he knows the struggle. And he cuts it just right. Every time.

Bijou Salon | Fit is Chic

I always leave the salon feeling fabulous, but this past Friday my mind was blown.

Summer Hair | Fit is Chic

I’ve learned lots of hair tricks from Scot, but these heatless waves he threw down just might take the hair cake. And as promised on Insta, I’m sharing his technique with all of you; enjoy!

Heatless Waves by Scot, at The Bijou Salon:

Heatless Waves | Fit is Chic

He started by blowing out my hair, leaving it just a tad bit damp.

Heatless Waves | Fit is Chic

He took 1 1/2 in. sections of my hair and started twisting. (At this point, I knew shit was about to get real.)

Heatless Waves | Fit is Chic

And then he sprayed it. He used a flexible-hold hairspray; and he covered every inch of the twist.

Heatless Waves | Fit is Chic

He had my whole head of hair twisted and sprayed in like three minutes flat.

Heatless Waves | Fit is Chic

He gave it one final spray-down.

Heatless Waves | Fit is Chic

And then fluffed it a bit.

This technique is ideal for summer. It’s a perfectly messy look for those days you just don’t feel like “doing” your hair.

Heatless Waves | Fit is Chic

I love this effortless, tousled style. So chic.

Need a hair appointment?

You can make an appointment with Scot at The Bijou Salon (in Lubbock, TX) — just call 806-762-4568.

Stay fit (and chic), friends! Xo

Love, Mattie Claire | Fit is Chic

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