“I hate running. I just can’t do it. It’s so hard. Ugh, how do you run?” — This seems to be a common theme among most cardio newbies. Trust me, I know the feeling. I could barely make one lap around the park when I first started. Now, it’s comfortably incorporated into my fitness routine.

To help you overcome the fear of running, here’s a few beginner’s tips (from a veteran beginner):

1. Set a goal. Pick a start date and stick to it.
2. Get the correct running shoe. Hit up the closest running store and have them help you. Tell them your concerns, what type of shoe you like, and how wide or narrow your foot is. Having the right shoe will do WONDERS!
3. What you wear when you run IS important. Make sure you have some shorts or leggings that don’t ride up. Nothing’s worse than baggy clothes on a run. Keep it comfy and snug.
4. Get an armband for your iPhone/iPod and keys. You’ll want to run with tunes, right?
5. Map out your route. Decide where you want to run and get familiar with the area. Drive your route and make note of the mileage.
6. Don’t be intimidated. There’s no crazy machines or jacked-up dudes creeping you out when you run. It’s just you, the ground, and your willpower. You got this.

So there you have it. Get your shoes, duds and tunes and hit the ground running!

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