Hellooooo, beautiful people! I have so much to get done this week; I honestly don’t know how I’m going to do it all. But a busy week never killed anybody, right? Right.

So, one of my favorite questions to ask people is “What motivates you?” It’s a question that’s guaranteed a different response from every person you ask. For some it’s money, for some it’s family, others claim to motivate themselves, and some admit to having ZERO motivation.

Zero motivation? That’s a bag of bs and a half. Even if you think you have no motivation, you do. What the heck do you think woke you up this morning and got you out of bed? Motivation. (With a little help from an alarm clock, but still.)

As much as I enjoy asking people about their motivation, I think people are just as interested in knowing what motivates me. Which, I will say, is a really great question, because there are definitely days when I have to dig deep to find my motivation.

I find comfort in my family, strength in my faith, and motivation from you. Yes, you. If you’re reading this, you are my motivation. Every workout I make up and experiment with, every random blog post, video, picture and pin is done with you in mind.

Aaaand I think about the sweet women I get to help on a daily basis. I think about the comments I receive on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter saying they’ve tried one of my workouts and they loved it. And I think about how far I’ve come in just a few short months; helping to motivate and inspire other women who are perfectly imperfect just like me. THAT is my motivation.

And when that falls short, there’s always those superhuman badasses to follow on Instagram for seerrrrious motivation! 😉

Here’s a few of my Insta Faves. These women have helped to inspire and motivate me, so hopefully these accounts will do the same for you:

@healthyfitnessmeals – This woman is like the wikipedia of clean eating. Her account is fabulous! So many meal options that actually look delicious. Not to mention she’s a mom of 5? What’s up, supermom?

Fit is Chic's Insta Faves

@shonda1020 – Another supermom who shares her fantastic fitness secrets. She has incredible at-home workouts + healthy recipes. She’s a definite must-follow; even if you’re not a mom!

Fit is Chic's Insta Faves

@lyzabethlopez – This woman is a BEAST, with killer curves. Her booty workouts kick my ass, but I keep coming back for more. Talk about motivation…

Fit is Chic's Insta Faves

@instagramexercises – This account is probably my favorite. There are explanations and in-depth illustrations of different exercises every day. It’s extremely helpful for beginner (and advanced) athletes!

Fit is Chic's Insta Faves

@cams_fitstagram – Basically, I want to be this girl’s friend. She’s awesome. Her protein pancake recipes literally make my mouth water. And her workout videos are easy to follow. Also, she’s not an over-poster. I dig that.

Fit is Chic's Insta Faves

@alexajeanfitness – If you have a small child, and you like to workout, FOLLOW HER. Warning, she’s like kinda perfect, but she has brilliant baby-safe workouts. And even if you’re baby-less (like me), you’ll still enjoy her posts. I love her leg workouts!

Fit is Chic's Insta Faves

And don’t forget to follow me on Insta! — @fit_is_chic 


Love, Mattie Claire

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