After sharing my C + C recap last week, I’ve had A LOT of requests for those Instagram tips!

Honestly, the majority of you probably already know most of these little tricks. But if you don’t, prepare to step your Insta game up, sister. And for my Insta-savvy readers, there’s always room for improvement, right?

So here’s the low-down — I’ll be sharing the methods I’ve learned over the past few years, plus a few tricks I learned at C + C. Pluuuuussss a few answers to FAQs I receive on a regular basis.

Note** Even if you’re not a blogger, and/or don’t utilize Instagram to grow your business, you can still benefit from this post. Rest assured, your (future/current) employer will be checking out your social channels. Companies like to know the personalities of their employees. Letting your passions, hobbies, and interests shine through, in a positive light, will benefit your career. And your sanity! 

Instagram Tips + Tricks + FAQs

How do you get a lot of followers?
I’m pretty sure this is everyone’s number one question. And here’s my answer — Stay constant, stay relevant, and stay consistent. And for the love of God, do not overshare. (No more than three posts a day, unless you’re on vacay…then it’s totally appropriate.) No one cares THAT much about your face.

Tip #1 from C + C:
Scroll through your feed, find an Instagram post you really like, and click on the list of users who have liked that Instagram post. Find two users, on that list, who have a public profile. Go to their profile, like a few of their photos, leave a comment if you’re feeling generous, and repeat. Those users will come to your Instagram profile; and seven times out of ten, those users will start following you. Why? You found them through an Instagram post you both liked. Wtf does that mean? You have similar taste. Mind blown? Mine was too.

Note** Don’t get crazy. You don’t want Instagram to flag you as a spammer.  

What apps do you use to edit your pics?
I use several. It just depends on the picture. VSCO is my favorite. I love planning out my feed in the library so I know exactly what my Instagram feed will look like before the rest of the world does. I use PicTapGo pretty regularly, too. This app is great for layering filters. You can even save your favorite filter “recipes” so you can edit your pics quickly. Facetune is another favorite. If you’re OCD with details, you’ll dig this app. You can blur out unwanted background noise, smooth out imperfections, and get your tones just the way you want them. Facie is cool, too. But, you can go overboard QUICKLY. So pace yourself with the airbrushing, yo. That shit is OBVIOUS. Especially when people meet your un-airbrushed face in person.

Tip #2 from C + C:
Use the teeth-whitening tool in Facetune to whiten the background of your images. This is especially helpful in flatlay posts. Total game changer! White rug lookin’ a little ratchet? Whiten that baby up! White wall too dull? Problem solved. OBSESSED WITH THIS TRICK. Thank you, Lauryn! <3

So, what’s the deal with hashtags? Do I use them? Do they make me look desperate?
People. Hashtags are essential. Without them, only your followers will see your post. The more hashtags you use, the greater your reach. If you’re worried about annoying tf out of your followers, wait until you get three comments on your post, and THEN post your hashtags in a comment. And no, it doesn’t make you desperate. It makes you business savvy.

**Note: Pay attention to the trending hashtags, and use them! Also, the limit is 30. More than 30 hashtags, and Instagram won’t post them.

Does it make you mad when people unfollow you?
Make me mad? No. Sting a little? Hell yes. But I am NOT everyone’s cup of tea. And I’m OK with that. I use Instrack to track my account, so I know exactly who unfollows me. Instrack tells me my most liked and unliked media, who engages with me the most, who “ghost follows” me, etc. Whyyyyy do you need to know all of that?! I need to know the type of people who aren’t interested in my content, because it is crucial to stay relevant to those who are. And to stay relevant, I HAVE to know my demographic.

What type of filter/pics get the most likes?
There’s a million different answers to that question. Again, it depends on your demographic. According to my stats from Instrack, photos of my face have the highest engagement. Weird, right? Last year, it was photos of my abs. Now it’s my face. Shit changes. Constantly! But as far as filters go, you can NEVER go wrong with bright, crisp images.

**Note: Pick a look that works for you, and stick with it. Consistency is key!

Should I follow a lot of people?
Follow accounts relevant to you. Follow accounts you love. Follow people you find interesting. Follow as many people as you want. Just don’t follow accounts you don’t give an eff about! Plain and simple.

What time of the day should I post?
Totally dependent on your demographic! This is 100% different for everyone. According to Iconosquare, my highest engagement rates are 8:30 a.m., 12 p.m., and 10 p.m. (If you’re serious about growing your Instagram following, I suggest creating an account with Iconosquare.)

So there you have it — My Instagram strategies in a nutshell. 🙂

For a few more tips, from the Bloguettes’ blog, click here.

What tips would you add? Do you have a favorite app to edit your photos? Is there any topic you’d like to discuss further? Let’s chat social! I love learning from all of you.


Love, Mattie Claire


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7 Comments on Instagram Tips + Tricks

  1. Shanna
    February 8, 2016 at 4:22 pm (2 years ago)

    Hi Mattie! Thanks so much for featuring Bloguettes on your post! We love it when people link back to us! You’re a sweetheart!
    –Shanna, Bloguettes editor

    • Mattie Claire
      February 14, 2016 at 1:05 pm (2 years ago)

      Thank you for stopping by, Shanna! I’m a huge fan of Bloguettes. Love all that you do! Xo

  2. Holly R.
    February 9, 2016 at 10:28 am (2 years ago)

    This was spot on! Such great tips and tricks! So appreciate it Mattie!

    • Mattie Claire
      February 14, 2016 at 1:04 pm (2 years ago)

      I’m happy to help, Holly! Thank you for reading! Xo

  3. Diana
    February 9, 2016 at 5:18 pm (2 years ago)

    Just downloaded Iconosquare and I love your tip of visiting 2 peoples accounts that liked a similar post. It’s all about building a community of people with similar interests 🙂

    • Mattie Claire
      February 14, 2016 at 1:03 pm (2 years ago)

      Absolutely, Diana! It’s definitely all about community. Let me know how these tips work for you. Xo


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