I’m back from Miami, and I’m praising the Lord I brought the pretty sunshine back with me!☼

Miami | Fit is Chic

I had a fantastic vacation full of WONDERFUL food, lazy beach days, and lots of laughter. It was even better than the last trip to Miami; and that one was hard to top.

We loved Gale South Beach so much last year, we stayed there again. And this year was ten times better! We had a corner room with a view of Collins Avenue, and the beach access was just right across the street. So perfect.

Gale South Beach | Fit is Chic

Of course, we had to visit Joe’s Stone Crab again. You simply CANNOT go wrong there. And, they have the best key lime pie in the world!

Joe's Stone Crab | Fit is Chic

Friday night, we had dinner at Juvia; and it was just as good as the first time. We even got to try cuban corn as a little pre-dinner snack. Weirdest shit ever, but oddly addicting.

Cuban Corn | Fit is Chic

We also had black truffle risotto as part of our dinner, but we ate it so fast I didn’t even think to snap a picture. If you ever have the chance to eat black truffle risotto….DO IT. Life changing.

Saturday night we tried Zuma for dinner, and it was fabulous! Zuma is right in the middle of downtown Miami with incredible views. But since it was super windy, and a little chilly and drizzly, they had all of the drapes pulled down. I can’t wait to go back and actually enjoy the views/creep on all of the big-ass yachts.

Zuma | Fit is Chic

Our last night was spent enjoying the most incredible bone-in filet I’ve ever had. OMG. If you go to Miami (or Beachwood or Cleveland), Red Steakhouse is a must-go. I died over their key lime pie, too.

Red Steakhouse | Fit is Chic

Ok, so yes, the food was WONDERFUL, but the memories we made were even better…

I went to my first real night club, and payed a ridiculous amount of money to basically just people watch. And then found the coolest sign I’ve ever seen.

I need this. Don’t you think? If you can’t read it, it says, “I followed you to the sun.” LOVE!

Liv Miami | Fit is Chic

If I could just live on a beach 24/7 I would. The beach is my happy place, and I’m just counting down the days until I get to be on one again.

Miami | Fit is Chic

Until next time, Miami…

Miami | Fit is Chic

Stay fit, friends! Xo

Love, Mattie Claire

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