What. a. weekend. Spending time with friends will never get old, but it sure does break your heart when your team loses.

But win or lose, GUNS UP! 🙂

Wreck 'Em | Fit is Chic

This red dress from Revolve Clothing was perfect for game day. You can dress it up with accessories, or dress it down like I did with some wedge sneakers. Either way, it’s a fun wear!

And while we’re on the subject of fun, I have a little something to share with all of you lovely people today…

Topo Chico | Fit is Chic

I’ve blogged about the importance of kicking your soda habit before, but today I’m reiterating it. And I’m giving you a kick-ass alternative.

If you like the crisp fizz of soft drinks, you will LOVE Topo Chico.

Topo Chico | Fit is Chic

I still love my Perrier from time to time, but Topo Chico just steals the show.

Topo Chico | Fit is Chic

Try it with freshly-squeezed lime. You will be hooked. I guarantee it.

Topo Chico | Fit is Chic

This zero-calorie mineral water will quickly become your new favorite beverage. It’s a deliciously crisp, fool-proof way to kick your soda habit. Just give it a try. You’ll thank me later.

Topo Chico | Fit is Chic

You can buy Topo Chico at most local grocery stores. It’s usually located in the water aisle; and if not, check where the Mexican specialty products are located. It comes in glass and plastic bottles; and unlike other mineral water, it tastes great out of both.

Have you ever tried Topo Chico? Do you have a favorite added flavor? Fill me in!

Have a great week & stay fit, friends! Xo

Love, Mattie Claire | Fit is Chic

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