If you have ever looked to my blog for fitspiration, my motivation pales in comparison to what you are about to read.

Today, my sweet, beautiful and talented friend is sharing her fitness and healthy-lifestyle secrets with all of us.

Model Motivation | Britt McGee | Fit is Chic

Britt McGee isn’t just an incredibly successful model; she’s a wife, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a cat mama, and an inspirational woman of God. She literally does it all; and she does it with grace.

Model Motivation | Britt McGee | Fit is Chic

So if you’re needing some extra monday motivation, here ya go, ladies:

Model motivation | Britt McGee | Fit is Chic

Model Motivation | Britt McGee

1. You were created in the image of God.
Translation: you are beautiful and perfectly crafted. Respect what you have been given; and honor your body with your choices. 

2. What you eat matters way more than most of us would like to admit.
Following fad diet after fad diet is not the answer. Focus on the quality of the food you are putting in your body. The closer it is to its natural state, the better! Most of us know this, but, I’m the first to admit it’s much easier said than done! I’m a foodaholic, if there ever was such a thing.. Cookie dough, brownies, queso, enchiladas, lasagna, shall I go on…? #embarrassed 

3. We all have a specific genetic make up.
I am not saying you cannot overcome these genetics. But, for some people it will be much more difficult to look a certain way, while it may just come naturally to others. The sooner we can come to terms with making our goal to be the best version of ourselves, instead of like a supermodel, the better. 

4. On that note, “Comparison is the thief of joy.” -Theodore Roosevelt
I have found this to be true in every aspect of life; but it is definitely evident in fitness. I know this first-hand, and have learned it the hard way just being in the industry I am in. I’m compared every day to the most beautiful, teeny tiny, yet skyscraper tall, women. Not only do I compete with these women for modeling jobs, but society puts it on everyone to compare and compete with these same women. Women who are perfectly dressed, have sat in hair and makeup for hours, then shot by amazing photographers, at beautiful angles, and in perfectly flattering lighting. Then let’s add photoshop. Yes. Please. Stop. Comparing. Yourself. To. This. It’s not real; and it will eat you alive and steal your joy because it isn’t attainable. 

5. It is a journey, be patient with yourself, and set realistic goals.
We will all have times when we fail. What this instant-gratification-generation needs to remember is that just because everything else is at our fingertips, there is not, and probably never will be, a magic pill we can take. Be patient. There is no easy out in fitness, as much as we would like there to be. 

6. Reward yourself… Kind of… But not really.
I would venture to say that most, if not all of us, overestimate the amount of calories we burn and at the same time we underestimate the amount of calories we reward ourselves with for having gone and burned the calories in the first place. Rather than working out in order to enjoy more “cheat meals,” make consistent healthy choices in your diet so that you have a fighting chance to see the results from your hard work in the gym. Don’t try to deprive yourself entirely though. That just leads to major overeating and backtracking when you do decide you deserve a treat. Instead, try limiting how much, and how often you indulge.

7. Move every single day.
I am a sucker for lazy days in pajamas, don’t get me wrong! But it is so important to get your heart rate up or your body moving even if you can’t get to the gym. Do a short body-weight-only workout at your house, park farther away at the store, use TV commercial breaks as workout time instead of sitting there like a potato fast-forwarding. 

8. Switch up your routine.
It’s easy to get stuck in a rut. Runners love to run. Yogis love to practice yoga. Crossfitters love crossfit. Try new things, your body and muscles will respond better when they are put to the test, and worked in different ways instead of the same routine every time. If you can’t think of a workout or don’t know what to do, don’t use that as an excuse. Use your resources. There is so much free and available knowledge out there on the Internet. Use it to your advantage!

9. Have fun!!!
Workout with friends. Listen to loud music. Laugh at yourself. Don’t take it too seriously. If workouts are fun you are more likely to want to come back for more. Also if you have a workout buddy or have friends in workout classes it will keep you accountable and more encouraged. 

10. Speaking of… Encourage each other and build each other up.
Bashing other women will never bring you the satisfaction you desire. Work on being the best you can be instead of better than so-and-so. There will always be someone skinnier, younger, and seemingly better, but there will also be people who wish they could have your body. Be kind, encourage, and validate others as much as you possibly can! It will make you feel better as well when you make others feel good about themselves. 

Britt McGee

Images: Clay Hayner Photography
Stylist: Carolyn Kramer
Hair and Makeup: @elizabethmichelled

Stay fit (& motivated), friends! Xo

Love, Mattie Claire | Fit is Chic


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