So last week, Women’s Health sent a package full of Chocolate Milk promo items. Chocolate Milk promo items, you ask? Did they send you a cow, you ask?

Well no, not quite a cow. But I did get enough Chocolate Milk coupons to last me until I turn in to a cow. I even got a sweat rag that says, “Got Chocolate Milk?”

Chocolate Milk | Fit is Chic

So yes, I GOT Chocolate Milk. Lots of Chocolate Milk.

As with anything Women’s Health sends, it’s my responsibility to share my opinions and (positive) thoughts on the product. And with this particular campaign, they asked all Action Heroes to send in a “testimonial” regarding how we incorporate Chocolate Milk into our training. (Keep an eye out for my testimonial; it might be in an upcoming Women’s Health issue!)

I assume some girls had to bs their way through this one, but luckily for me I literally die for Chocolate Milk. If it were socially acceptable, I would carry a jug around with me; Uncle Si style.

I’ve been drinking Chocolate Milk since I was a little girl. I grew up watching my dad train and compete in endless triathlons and marathons; using Chocolate Milk as a recovery drink. Needless to say, protein shakes were never a thing in my family. Team leche de chocolate, babe-eh!

Thanks to the plethora of information Women’s Health sent, I’ve learned Chocolate Milk is even better for me than I thought.

Chocolate Milk | Fit is Chic

Here’s a few fun facts you might not know about Chocolate Milk:

  • Drinking low-fat Chocolate Milk, after a strenuous workout, can help boost power and even improve training times in your next bout of exercise. (Compared to drinking a carbohydrate sports drink.)
  • Low-fat Chocolate Milk contains the protein and nutrients needed to rebuild and refuel your body after a tough workout.
  • It helps quickly restore exhausted muscles to their peak potential.
  • It helps replenish what your body has lost — including fluids and critical nutrients lost through sweating.
  • Drinking low-fat Chocolate Milk post-workout helps to tone-up and reshape your body. Its high-quality protein has been shown to help athletes gain more lean muscle and lose fat. (When compared to drinking a carb only beverage.)
  • Famous athletes who use Chocolate Milk for their recovery drink include: Hines Ward, Mirinda Carfrae, Zach Parise, The U.S. Women Ski Jumping team, and Craig Alexander.

Chocolate Milk | Fit is Chic

I encourage all of you to give it a try. Forget all of the protein shake, sports drink, high-sugar bullshit, and replenish your body with Chocolate Milk. I drink it after every run, and after every strength-training session. I love it. And you will love it too, trust me.

For all of you lactose-intolerants out there, I’ve included a little something just for you:

Naked | Fit is Chic

This Strawberry Banana Smoothie by Naked is my go-to energy boost throughout the day. I take a few sips between each client I train, and it keeps me from crashing. I seriously love this stuff. The boyfriend got me hooked; but the Green Machine Smoothie is his go-to. (Thank you to my sweet friend, Bailey for giving me that pretty bowl. No clue where it’s from, but it’s the perfect fruit bowl.)

So, If you opened this post praying to God I had discovered a miracle liquid diet…Pshh. C’monnnnnn, you know me better than that by now! I could NOT survive on a liquid diet. They don’t make liquid cupcakes. Or liquid peanut butter. Nooooo can do, Kemosabe.

But If you’d like further information on the benefits of drinking Chocolate Milk, visit And seriously, try it!

Oh, and don’t forget to check out my bio in Women’s Health! (Insert girly squeal here) Xo

Love, Mattie Claire

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