Today’s the day you’ve all been waiting for — The day I will FINALLY shut up about this juice cleanse I’ve been on for the past three days! 🙂

Juice Cleanse | Fit is Chic

I’m going to try and give you as much information as possible, in the shortest form I can manage. Dig? K, here we go. . .

This is strictly my opinion. I am not a dietician, nutritional therapist, wholistic health guru, etc. I’m just a normal woman sharing my thoughts. 

First things first, the cleanse was Suja Juice’s Original Fresh Start. I did the Three-Day Fresh Start Program, but they offer a One and Five-Day Fresh Start Program. Suja also offers a Core Fresh Start Program (for the more experienced juicers). And they even have a One-Day Renewal including a complete meal plan! (IMO, I’d go with the One-Day Renewal first to ease your body into a full “refresh.”)

Suja Juice | Fit is Chic

Why did I do it? Because I’m curious. And I love trying new things. And I REALLY love sharing my experience with all of you. It’s just kind of my thing. Even if it was a little miserable.

The hardest part of the “cleanse” wasn’t even hunger. Tbh, I was pretty full the entire time. In fact, I couldn’t even finish the dessert juice on the first day. The hardest part of this whole thing was my severe caffeine withdrawals. Lawwwwwd have mercy, that damn near killed me. If I were to do it over again, I’d wean myself off caffeine slowly, rather than going cold turkey. And yes, I tried green tea. Green tea is for the birds. I’m just sayin. (If you’re a green tea lover, and you’ve got some good recos, send ’em my way!)

Juice Cleanse

Day 1
For some reason, the first day was the hardest for me. I’m almost 99% positive it was because I started the cleanse on a Sunday, though. Sundays are usually my days to relax and indulge a little. But my routine was completely thrown off. And I think my body went into shock. I had migraines all day long until I went to sleep for the night, and I had severe body aches. By 3:30 in the afternoon, all I wanted was an extra-large latte and a dozen donuts. But, I settled for two handfuls of almonds and some broccoli. (I was dying y’all; I thought food might help. It didn’t. And neither did Ibuprofen.) Nevertheless, I slept like a rock.

Day 2
Woke up wanting coffee, and my head was still aching. I was grumpy af, and REALLY BLOATED. I’m pretty sure the bloat came from the almonds and broccoli. (Bad idea, but whatever.) If you’re one of those humans who thinks a juice cleanse “cleans you out,” I wish to God you were right. I had (and still have) a rock in my stomach. I just had to pee every 20 minutes. Working out was rough, and so was thinking. I felt drunk, and it was weird. I had to get my shit together enough to pack for my trip, so I ate a tbsp. of peanut butter. I know, not allowed…but I was dying. I did get ALL my packing done a day early though. So, there’s that.

Day 3
Woke up wanting donuts. What’s new?! My head felt a little better, and I was in a better mood. I wasn’t very hungry at all, and the juices were a little harder to get down. My workout was short, and not that intense. I had a lot of things to get done yesterday, so my mind was in vacation mode. And that helped. A TON. I slept terrible, but I always do the night before a really early flight.

Today (First Day Post Juice Cleanse)
All I’ve had so far is coffee. But it’s only 11 a.m., and I’ve been on the plane since 5:30 a.m. All I want is donuts and maple syrup. So much for cutting the sugar cravings…

My Physical Results
Unfortunately, I ended up with more bloat AFTER the cleanse than before. I took the first picture (on the left) the day before I started the cleanse. The picture on the right was taken at the very end of the third day of the cleanse.

Juice Cleanse | Fit is Chic

I’m glad I tried it, because I’ve been curious for years. But for me, because of my active lifestyle, sticking to my regular, healthy routine is best. If you are eager to try a juice cleanse for yourself, I urge you to make sure you have plenty of time to relax. I’d suggest doing it on a weekend, or during a time when you have nothing else to worry about. And FYI, it’s not as glamorous as you think. The juice is not sweet, but Suja does a damn good job of making it as tolerable as possible.

Suja Juice | Fit is Chic

Have you ever tried a juice cleanse? What were your results?

Any other questions? Leave them below, and I’ll do my best to answer them! You can also snap me (mattiesteger), and I’ll snap you back an answer right away.

We just arrived in Miami, so I’m off to enjoy this beautiful sunshine.

Anything I need to do or see while I’m here?

Stay fit, friends! Xo

Love, Mattie Claire

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2 Comments on My First Juice Cleanse Experience

  1. Diana
    March 2, 2016 at 12:28 pm (2 years ago)

    I love your honesty in this post! I’ve only tried and juice cleanse once and the same thing happened I was SO BLOATED and just felt weak attempting to workout. I don’t think I would do one again but hey they really work for some people.

    • Mattie Claire
      March 9, 2016 at 6:35 pm (2 years ago)

      Totally agree with you, Diana! I’d never do it again, but I’m glad it works for some people! 🙂


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