If someone would’ve told me a year ago I was going to try a SoulCycle class, in Miami, by myself, I would’ve told them they were straight crazy. . .

SoulCycle | Fit is Chic

But I did JUST that. And not just once, but three times. Who tf am I?!

A Soul Survivor. That’s what. (Yup, I drank the kool-aid.)

SoulCycle | Fit is Chic

I had the privilege of hearing the co-founders of SoulCycle speak at the Create + Cultivate Conference in Dallas; and I just fell in love with their energy. Their message, their mission, their style — everything! They radiated positivity. And I’m all about that life.

Call it a sign from God, or just pure luck, but SoulCycle South Beach just happened to be a five-minute walk from our vacay digs. YAS.

SoulCycle South Beach | Fit is Chic

From the moment I walked in the door to the final breath of the class, I was 100% at ease. And that is saying something serious, y’all. These people know how to make you feel like you’re truly part of the SoulCycle family.

So if you’ve never taken a SoulCycle class before, perhaps my thoughts will give you a little bts look at what it’s really like to be a Soul Survivor.

12 Thoughts I Had During My First SoulCycle Class:

1. Holy mother of chic…the clothes! I need them all. (Seriously, check them out here.)

2. This place is so clean. And so pretty.

3. I don’t have to pay for the shoe rentals? Sweet! 

4. OMG the music. And I’m not even in the studio yet. (So good!)

5. Everyone here is so friendly. Can I stay forever?

6. Ok, dark studio. I have no idea how to find my bike. 

7. Friendly staff to the rescue! (No joke, five seconds later a sweet girl helped me find my bike, got me all set up, clipped in, and ready to go.) 

8. I think I’m about to get my butt whooped.

9. How do I have goosebumps right now?! I’m so hot! 

10. I don’t think I’ve ever been this aware of my core. 

11. Wait, it’s already over?!??!?!!? 

12. I WILL be back. 

SoulCycle | Fit is Chic

And I did go back. Two more times. And If I had a studio back home, I’d do it every damn day!

SoulCycle | Fit is Chic SoulCycle | Fit is Chic SoulCycle | Fit is Chic SoulCycle | Fit is Chic SoulCycle | Fit is Chic

SoulCycle, I can’t thank you enough for making my vacation workouts SO fun! Until next time, fam. 😉

Have you tried SoulCycle? What are your thoughts?

**If you want to try SoulCycle, you can call a studio near you to get a discount on your first ride! 

Stay fit, friends! Xo

Love, Mattie Claire


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