I really don’t think National Picnic Day could have fallen on a prettier day, y’all. It is absolutely GLORIOUS outside; and I plan to take fullllllll advantage of it.

Can you remember the last time you had a legit picnic outside? I’m pretty sure I was about 12. But what a shame! Why did I ever stop having picnics? They’re like instant happiness.

Fit is Chic | National Picnic Day

And now that I know picnics originated from the French word piquenique (meaning a meal eaten outdoors), it just makes me love them that much more.

So in honor of this lovely little holiday, (with some serious inspiration and goodies from Sprouts), I’m sharing five reasons you absolutely should celebrate National Picnic Day!

National Picnic Day | Sprouts | Fit is Chic

Five Reasons to Celebrate National Picnic Day

1. It’s an excuse to soak up all that beautiful sunshine.
Life is too short to waste it cooped up inside. Pack some food, grab a blanket, and head outside!

2. It’s the perfect opportunity to shake up your Saturday.
The gym can wait, your errands will be there tomorrow, and your house can survive one more day of dirtiness. Give yourself a break, and enjoy life.

3. It will calm your mind.
Remember those nights of begging the adults to let you sleep outside on the trampoline? Same effect…but so much better. There’s no one to stop you now! #adulting

4. It’s a chance to explore your city.
Get out of your little bubble, and embrace your city. The possibilities are endless!

5. It’s an opportunity to sit back and enjoy the little things.
Life is just busy; there’s no way around it. But the BEST things in life are always free. So don’t ever forget to enjoy the little things. <3

National Picnic Day | Sprouts | Fit is Chic

Photography: Kristin Rottman

Happy Saturday, friends. Go enjoy your day!


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