Guess what FiC fans?! I’m a new mom…

To the coolest kitty EVER. She is purrrr-fect.

Clementine | Fit is Chic

My sweet little Clementine. Isn’t she darling? She’s full of energy, and keeps me on my toes. She even does “kitty exercise”…how cool is that?

Clementine | Fit is Chic

It’s taken about a week, but she’s beginning to settle in and feel at-home. So now I can put a little more attention towards the blog. I missed it last week! SO many things I wanted to share; but if you’ve ever brought home a new pet, you know the struggle.

How is everyone’s summer going? Can you believe August is basically here? I mean really? I had so many plans during the winter months to share some of my favorite summer recipes, and now it’s almost over. Fail.

And speaking of fails…I had an epic fail regarding a key lime bundt cake on Friday evening. I was so excited to surprise The Boyfriend with a twist on one of his favorite desserts (key lime pie). I found this fabulous recipe on Pinterest and couldn’t wait to try it!

Her pictures were immaculate, and it seemed like a recipe I couldn’t screw up. I was like…

Oh hell yea, totally taking some food pics for the blog. I can’t WAIT to show off my baking skills… I can do this.

It started out great. I zested a lime for the first time. Juiced a lime for the first time. Used a brand new hand mixer for the first time. I was on a freakin’ roll, y’all. I even had the money shot on my ingredients. I mean, look…

Key Lime Bundt Cake | Fit is Chic

It was alllll going just fine.

Key Lime Bundt Cake | Fit is Chic

Key Lime Bundt Cake | Fit is Chic

And then this happened…

Fail | Fit is Chic

Some severe cussing was going on at this point. See all of that delectable cake stuck in the bundt pan? You know what I did with it? Besides eat half of it? I dug it out and put it on top of the cake. Like a boss.

Key Lime | Fit is Chic

A little key lime icing, extra lime zest, and 15 minutes later…

Key lime bundt cake | Fit is Chic

This, my friends, was the final product. I mean, I laughed at this cake for like 20 minutes. But the best part? The Boyfriend didn’t even notice anything was wrong with it. Typical man, right?

But seriously though, this cake was heaven. I kept it in the fridge overnight, and it was even better the next day. If you love key lime desserts, I highly suggest you make this ASAP. Here’s the recipe, in case you missed the link above: Key Lime Bundt Cake, by The 36th Avenue.

Hopefully yours will come out way prettier than mine. 😉

Have a great week! & stay fit, friends! Xo

Love, Mattie Claire

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