It’s my personal mission to help you feel beautiful; inside and out. In just one personal training session, you are guaranteed to feel motivated, inspired and strong. I do not want to be your trainer forever; I’m here to transform you into your own personal trainer and fitness fanatic.

Personal training is a commitment; both physically and financially. But with it, you will receive individualized body-sculpting techniques to help you achieve your ideal body.

Personal training sessions are offered out of my own home and numerous parks around town. If you prefer a personal training session in the privacy of your own home, I am more than willing to accommodate! If so, an additional $10 travel fee will be included.

Don’t be intimidated by personal training; I will sit down with you and create a personal, customized personal training plan that’s best for you. Just ask! 🙂

Payment, in full, is due upon arrival to session. 

Contact me TODAY to start your fitness plan.

Love, Mattie Claire

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