Suffering from the winter blues? Don’t worry, you are not alone. Walking into the gym in 20-degree weather is not my idea of fun; and I find it terribly hard to get going when that white stuff is falling from the sky. All I want to do is crawl in bed with a good book and a cup of tea (and cupcakes, but let’s not go there). Good news though, there’s only 37 days left until Spring graces us with her lovely presence. But in the meantime, here’s a few tips to help you power through these last few (grueling) weeks of winter.

Power Through The Winter Blues

1. Drink plenty of water. — I’m not talking one glass of water per day. Try guzzling at least 32 oz. per day. The harsh winter weather dries out your mood, but even worse, it dries out your skin. Nothing helps more with dull, dry skin than good ol’ H2O. Not a big fan of water? Tough it out, girlfriend. You NEED it to look and feel good; so start guzzling!

2. Ditch the winter diet. — Unfortunately, thanks to marketing, our diet differs in the winter. And it differs in a bad way. You see soup, chili and Crock-Pot meals praised during the winter, but the fruit, veggies and baked fish get completely ignored. Don’t give in to the comfort-food craze. Stay smart and conscious of what you’re putting in that beautiful body of yours.

3. Keep a calendar countdown. — Keeping track of how many days are left until spring will keep you happy and motivated. While you’re at it, keep track of how many workouts you fit in from now until then. And then share your success with me; I’d love to brag about you. 🙂

4. Buy yourself a little something nice. — Cute workout clothes are the ultimate motivator. A new pair of leggings, new kicks, or a perfectly-fit tank…anything to show off that rockin’ body you’re working so hard for.

5. Get a dose of Vitamin D. — Vitamin D is an essential piece to our happy puzzle. Hence why you have a little more energy in the warmer months. So overcome that cabin fever, bundle up, and take a walk (or run) outside. Just thirty minutes in the sunshine will boost your energy and mood.

6. Bathe like a winter goddess. — Embrace those limited edition winter scents in the body-wash aisle. Don’t confuse your body by bathing in a citrus gel, then spritzing on your winter perfume. Indulge in bubbly winter suds while you can; it’ll make you enjoy winter just a little bit more. My favorite scent of the season is Snow Angel by Philosophy. <– Click on the link to buy yours now. I’m also in love with Softsoap’s Wintermint Snowfall body wash. It’s like taking a shower in sweet peppermints. Energizing and refreshing!

7. Speaking of peppermint… — According to, smelling peppermint stimulates the trigeminal nerve, which stimulates the area of the brain responsible for arousal and alertness. So pop a peppermint and head to the gym!

8. Fight the winter-dry eyes. — There’s few things more frustrating than irritated dry eyes. No one wants to work out out with a pair of watery eyes; not only is it miserable, it’s dangerous. Make an appointment with your eye doc, and stock up on eye drops to keep your peepers on point.

9. Keep your muscles warm. — Warming up your muscles is extremely important; straining cold muscles is how you get hurt. Thirty minutes before you head to the gym, throw on your workout gear with warm-ups on top. Bundle up, warm up, and then get after it!

10. Don’t forget to show off all of that hard work. — You don’t have to wait until bikini season to debut that hot bod. The positive feedback you receive will just increase your motivation. If you got it, flaunt it, girl!

Only 5 1/2 more weeks of winter left. You can do it!

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Love, Mattie Claire

2 Comments on Power Through Those Winter Blues

  1. smarty
    February 12, 2014 at 1:47 pm (4 years ago)

    I love these tips! The snow is really starting to get to me, but I’m definitely gonna try these (especially the winter bath one, YUM!). 5 1/2 weeks doesn’t sound so far away after all!

    xx smarty

    • Mattie Claire
      February 12, 2014 at 1:59 pm (4 years ago)

      It will be over before you know it! 🙂 Thanks for reading. Xo


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