If there’s one thing worse than crawling out of my cozy bed in the morning, it’s trying to make it through a brutal workout as soon as I wake up. No one likes working out in the morning. And if you do, you’re a freak of nature. Just kidding…you’re not a freak. You’re just lying (because you know it suuuuuuucks).

I know that's right

I have tried all types of morning workouts: Running before the sun comes up (tripping in pot holes), running at the gym (and being half-asleep on the treadmill), strength training (dropping weights on my toes), spinning (wanting to vomit), and even a few bogus Pinterest workouts (they DO NOT all work). And yes, I burned calories, but I felt like a useless lard afterwards. No one wants to start their day feeling like a useless lard. It’s very counter-productive.

If I’m going to sacrifice precious minutes in my warm bed for a morning workout, I need it to work. You feel me?

This particular workout will not only get your heart pumping, it will ease you out of that morning slump. It will help to gradually warm up your muscles rather than forcing them to wake up. It will take about 20 minutes to complete; and I guarantee you will start your day feeling a little less jiggly and a lot more productive.

Rise & Shine then Sweat & Grind | Fit is Chic

Notice I mention drinking water? This is incredibly important. Always hydrate before you caffeinate! Your body goes 7-8 hours with no water overnight, so drinking water first thing in the morning is crucial. You will instantly feel more awake and refreshed; and you can even add a little lemon for a metabolism boost.

If you have trouble winding down at night, rather than spending an hour on your phone trying to get sleepy, try this workout one time through. Follow up with some Sleepytime Vanilla Tea and a warm bath. Works like a charm.

Do you have trouble working out in the morning? Share your concerns! Any special tips or tricks? Share those too! Xo

Love, Mattie Claire

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