I can go ahead and cross “roasting chiles on my stove on a Sunday morning” off my bucket list, thanks to Little Sister. I swear, that kid knows how to do everything culinary.

After visiting the Midland Downtown Farmers’ Market on Saturday morning, she came home with all kinds of goodies; fresh Anaheim chili peppers included. *Side note: If you’ve never been to your local Farmers’ Market — GO! You will be pleasantly surprised at the things you find. Plus, it supports the local economy. Double win! 

Sunday morning we woke up craving eggs. Ok, that’s not entirely true… I woke up hungry, The Boyfriend mentioned eggs, Little Sister offered to cook. And then it hit me — Green chili eggs…OH YEAHHHH. And when I say green chili eggs, I mean I was just going to cut one up and eat it with my eggs.

But a regular ol’ cut-up chili pepper does not a breakfast make. Roasted chiles is where it’s at, y’all; and Little Sister hooked. it. up. And to my surprise, it’s really not that hard.  Here’s how:

Turn your biggest burner on the stove to high, and set the chili pepper right on top.

Roasted chiles | Fit is Chic

You want to roast the pepper until it’s black, so just use tongs to rotate the pepper until it’s completely roasted.

Roasted green chili | Fit is Chic

Once all of the skin has turned black, remove the pepper from the stove and immediately place it in a Ziploc bag to “sweat”. (Sweating is what makes the pepper easy to peel.)

Roasted Chiles | Fit is Chic

After about 5-10 minutes (go change a load of laundry or do five one-minute planks), remove the chili pepper from the bag.

Roasted Chiles | Fit is Chic

Now, the skin of the pepper should peel right off.

Green chiles | Fit is Chic

And voila! You’re left with a perfectly-roasted green chili pepper. (DO NOT rinse the pepper. It will lose all of its wonderful flavor.)

Roasted Chili | Fit is Chic

To deseed the pepper, cut it right down the middle.

Roasted Chiles | Fit is Chic

The seeds make it hot, so make sure to scrape ’em all off.

Roasted Chiles | Fit is Chic

Finally, dice, slice and chop to your liking. There’s no right or wrong way to do this — depending on how you plan to eat them.

Roasted Chiles | Fit is Chic

I could eat green chiles on/in everything. I LOVE spicy food; so these are perfect for me. Remember, no chili is the same — one might be mild, and the next one you roast might light you up; so be careful.

If you weren’t aware, green chiles are high in Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and have a good amount of dietary fiber (essential for pushing out waste). They also contain Capsaicin, a natural anti-inflammatory. Capsaicin also acts as a natural pain reliever; and the hotter the pepper, the more capsaicin. So eat up, pepper lovers!

Want to try this but don’t have a gas stove? Click here for an alternative method (in the oven).

Enjoy & Stay Fit, Friends! Xo

Love, Mattie Claire

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