Salty snacks are the LAST thing I need to be thinking about right now. (What’s up, weekend bloat?!) But it’s Monday, so I’m going to share my latest faves with you. 🙂

People ask me ALL. THE. TIME. what I eat. And y’all, please just know this — I am NOT a machine. I’m not perfect. I don’t eat ground turkey and broccoli for every meal. (But God bless you if you do…that shit is hard.) My days are long and really active, so little snacks throughout the day are my best friend.

I’m not a huge fan of big meals during the day. I get sleepy reeeeally easily, so a big meal at lunch sends me straight to bed. And I don’t have time for that. So I snack. A LOT. I’m like a champion snacker, honestly.

So here it is, friends — My favorite salty snacks as of late…

All Summer ’16 | The Salty Snack Edit

1. Nuts — I’ve been obsessed with nuts lately. Peanuts, almonds, and I’ve just added cashews to the mix. (Thanks, Kimberly!) I burn about 600 calories every morning during my spin and body class, so I can eat two handfuls of peanuts and not feel super guilty. But if you’re at a desk all day, take it easy. (FYI: A healthy handful of nuts is about the size of your fist.)

Peanuts with a slice of sharp cheddar cheese is my absolute FAVORITE! <3

2. Rice crackers — So Nabisco just came out with the most amazing little rice crackers EVER. Buy the veggie blend flavor, and they’ll change your life. I love to eat them with low-fat cottage cheese.

3. Jerky — I have to be careful with jerky, but it’s an excellent source of protein! The sodium is what gets me, though. One or two pieces, and I have to put it up. This turkey jerky is BOMB.

4. Hummus — The key to hummus is moderation. This stuff is REALLY high in calories, so you’ve got to be careful. [PSA: Don’t leave the tub of hummus in front of you. Bad things will happen.] I love to eat my hummus with these crackers, but carrots or celery are great options, too. Just stay far, far away from those pita chips!

5. Olives — I have to thank my dad for this lifelong addiction. I’ve been eating olives since I can remember, and I LOVE them. These little snack packs are awesome if you’re on the go!

What are some of your favorite salty snacks?

Stay fit, friends! Xo

Love, Mattie Claire


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