If you are anything like me, you spend the entire Super Bowl sitting in front of the TV, stuffing 23298756 calories down your throat. Last year, I literally ate myself into a food coma; and it took me a week to de-bloat.

Chips, dips, burgers, cheese, chili…man food. Stupid men, your food sucks! Actually, men, your food rocks my world. It rocks my world so much, I have to formulate a plan to keep my cravings in check. And this year, I will not put myself in a food coma.

Let’s say it together…. I (state your name) will not put myself into a food coma, during the Super Bowl, this year.

So here’s the plan — A Super Bowl Super Booty Twerkout™. Yes, a twerkout.

Super Bowl Super Booty Twerkout


Every time you get a hankering to graze the food table, just drop it drop it low, girl. Feel free to pass this little twerkout™ along to everyone at your Super Bowl party. You might just get the whole room twerkin!

You can even turn this into a game. Keep a twerkout™ count on a score card; and at the end of the night, give a little gift to whoever completes the most sets.

Whether you turn this into a game, or use it to ward off the man food, proceed with caution — You will be sore in the morning.

Have fun and stay fit, friends. Happy Super Bowl Sunday! Xo

Love, Mattie Claire


P.S. Tag your pics on Instagram with the hashtag #superbowlsuperbootytwerkout

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