It’s no secret, I love planks. I love to do planks, and I love to make my clients do planks. They hate me at first, but before they even realize it, they’re 10x stronger than they were the week before. And you know why? PLANKS.

No matter how busy my day is, I always manage to fit in at least two minutes of plank time. Don’t think you can fit in at least two minutes of plank time a day? Think again, my friend. Turn your Facebook-browsing time into a super fast workout. You do the math — two minutes of Facebook/plank time a day equals fourteen minutes of planks per week. DO IT.

Still need some convincing? My Top 10 Reasons To Do Planks:

1. One minute of planks burns 10 calories.

2. Practicing a one-minute plank, every day for a week, will help you lift heavier weights. And you will notice the difference. I guarantee it.

3. Planks fine tune your arm muscles. You WILL love the results.

plank arms | Fit is Chic

4. Your “V-cut” (lower tummy) will become more pronounced.

5. Planks are great for multi-tasking. I answer my emails while I’m in a forearm plank.

6. You can easily measure your strength progress. One minute is easy? You’re ready for a minute thirty! Etc…

7. You can literally do a plank 50 different ways. If you’re bored, it’s easy to switch it up.

8. Regular ab exercises will become feasible. With a stronger core, you will stop feeling that annoying pull in your hip flexors.

9. You will develop better posture. Good posture is EVERYTHING!

10. You don’t need a gym. You can pretty much do a plank anywhere. So again, no excuses!

Yes, the possibilities are endless, but start by mastering the forearm plank. From there, anything is possible.

Forearm Plank | Fit is Chic

Stay fit, friends! Xo

Love, Mattie Claire

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