Is it just me, or is Christmas creeping up WAY fast? Only nine more days until Santa comes to town?! Ah! Luckily, I wrapped the last of my Christmas presents today so I can fully concentrate on the challenge tonight. 🙂

Dec 16 | 25 Days of Fitness

The first part of the challenge is a repeat of December 2. If you need a breakdown of my scissor kicks, flutter kicks, and six inches, click here.

For the second part of the challenge, we have crunches and turtle reaches. A thirty-minute workout done lying down? C’mon, how can you resist? If you do one night of my challenge, do this one!

Crunches: Lie down with your back flat on the floor; knees bent with  feet flat. Put your hands behind your head; elbows out. Crunch up using your abs; NOT your neck or hands. The tighter you squeeze your core, the harder you will work your abs.

Turtle Reaches: Lie down with your back flat on floor; knees bent with feet flat. With arms down by your side, reach your right hand to your right heel and repeat to the left. Squeeze your core; you will feel this in your obliques.


Happy Monday, y’all! Embrace this new week — work hard, be kind, and stay humble.


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