With all of this crazy weather lately (prayers for Houston!), indoor workouts are on the rise. And I’ll be the first to admit, indoor workouts drive me C R A Z Y sometimes. But with the right equipment, the right mindset, (and the right workout), anything is possible! Right?

If you loathe treadmills…I feel you. They can be boring and mundane. And a treadmill minute is five times longer than a real minute.

But, I’m not gonna lie, I’ve contemplated, over 1000 times, buying a treadmill. My Netflix binges would be waaayyyy more productive. And it would kick my clients’ cardio up a notch. But…where does one start? THERE’S SO MANY OPTIONS.

Well, lucky for us, Reviews.com has done all of the time-consuming dirty work! They spent several weeks researching and testing 65 different treadmills on the market. With the help of exercise physiologists and experts, they spent hours evaluating specs and features, while determining the versatility, portability, and technology of each.

They narrowed down the list, then did some testing of their own. And with all of their research, they’ve created a comprehensive guide; including expert tips to help us know just exactly what to look for in a treadmill.

You can find the complete guide here.

And you can find a few of my favorite treadmill workouts here, here and here.

What are your thoughts on treadmills? Love? Hate? Lovehate?

Happy Thursday! & Stay fit, friends. Xo


Research + post inspiration provided by Reviews.com

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