When I first told my family, boyfriend and friends about wanting to do “personal training”, they all kind of had this stunned/confused/trying-to-be-sweet look on their face. I certainly didn’t blame them. I was slightly stunned/confused myself. I knew my vision; I just didn’t know how to get there…or how to explain it.

A woman with a PR degree, with a fiery passion for fitness, and an ability to express herself through writing. Ironic combination, isn’t it? Some people go their whole life ignoring what they’re really passionate about, and they simply stick to what is “safe”. Well, I refuse. I’ve just never been one to follow the crowd…

Thanks to a little faith from a good friend, an open heart, and an open mind, my personal training business has gone from a “side thing” to a full-time, flourishing job.

My good friend (mentioned in one of my previous posts) was the very first client to give my training a try. Wanting to detox from the holidays, and feel good about herself again, she hopped on board.

Before | Fit is Chic

If I told you her journey’s been easy, I’d be lying to you. She’s had days she couldn’t even move, weeks when her energy plummeted, and workouts that made her (almost) pass out. (Don’t worry, she was fine.)

But if it was easy, everyone would be doing it…right?

Fit is Chic

I’ve watched her get stronger, faster, and more confident each and every week. Thirty second planks have turned into two-minute planks, girl push-ups have turned into real push-ups, and circuits that seemed impossible in the beginning are now her warm-up.

Progress | Fit is Chic

Her progress is confirmation YOU can do it. Changing your body and getting stronger isn’t just bs you read on blogs and Pinterest. It’s real life, and it IS possible. Look how far she’s come!

Progress | Fit is Chic

The frustrated, out-of-shape woman who started three months ago is loooongggg gone. We kicked her ass and sent her packing! 😉

Three Months Progress | Fit is Chic

So no matter what your goals are, don’t ever let anyone tell you they’re unachievable. Because they ARE achievable. You just finished reading the proof. Xo

Love, Mattie Claire

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  1. Becca
    April 17, 2014 at 11:56 am (4 years ago)

    So proud of both of you! Love y’all!


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