You know those weekends when you do so much you can barely remember it all? Well, I had one of those weekends. And it was definitely a weekend I’ll never forget.

Friday morning was spent training some clients, squeezing in my own workout, and picking up birthday cupcakes for the boyfriend’s brother. Have you ever picked up cupcakes right after working out? I don’t suggest it. It’s torture. He’s lucky I didn’t rip into them as soon as I got them in the car.

I trained my last client of the afternoon, ran the rest of my errands, made my dessert for Saturday, and then did the little sister’s hair for her formal.

Friday night was spent celebrating the boyfriend’s brother’s birthday. And in case you were wondering — the cupcakes were worth the wait.

Hair | Fit is Chic

Dig my hair? Check out the tutorial, here!

Saturday morning was absolutely beautiful, and the weather could not have been any better for a quick morning workout. For one of my favorite (slow-paced) morning workouts, click here.

The rest of Saturday morning was spent at the Texas Tech Spring Game/getting a killer tan. Oh, and accidentally color coordinating my shoe game with the boyfriend…

shoe game | fit is chic

Want my kicks? Get yours here.

And speaking of the Spring Game, have I mentioned how much I love my alma mater lately? Pleeease watch this. If you (really) know me, you know I’m seriously dying over this video. Like…move over, boys; let me show you a little somethin’!

Saturday afternoon, in true Cajun fashion, the boyfriend’s family kicked off their annual crawfish boil. 80 pounds of crawfish all the way from Big Sandy, TX. Along with smoked sausage and Boudin from Kartchner’s. Food for days. Literally.

crawfish | fit is chic

crawfish | fit is chic

crawfish | fit is chic

So. many. crawfish. And I need a lipstick in that color. Crawfish red, anyone? But, seriously.

And it just wouldn’t be a crawfish boil without red potatoes…

red potatoes | fit is chic

Shout-out to Meg and Kent for taking these pics for me. Y’all are the best! I had fully planned on documenting every step of Kent’s “secret” recipe, but I was a tad bit occupied elsewhere. Just a little behind-the-scenes action with Texas Tech Athletics marketing and promotions…

Texas Tech | Fit is Chic

Thanks for an unforgettable Saturday afternoon, Tech Athletics. Y’all have the BEST marketing and promotions team! Xo

Just another reason why I love my alma mater! 😉

Love, Mattie Claire

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