Ok, FiC friends, this might just be the coolest opportunity I’ve had yet…

I am teaming up with GoBe Games, and we’re offering you a chance to win a FREE trip to Costa Rica!

GoBe Games | Fit is Chic


GoBe Games is like completing an entire season of The Amazing Race, in 24 hours, with your best friends; and it’s hitting DFW May 22-23.

GoBe Games | Fit is Chic

This social adventure race encourages you to Stop Liking and Start Living! And no, it’s not just for fitness junkies. It’s designed to get you involved in your community. Some challenges include eating as much as you possibly can at a local dive; and some are as simple as walking an old lady across a street. The possibilities are endless!

GoBe Games | Fit is Chic

Teams of 2-6 will compete agains THOUSANDS of other teams to complete as many of the 300+ challenges as they can in an action-packed 24 hours. You get to choose the challenges you like best, and you even get to fulfill them in a way that best fits your team.

GoBe Games | Fit is Chic

Your team will submit photos and videos through the GoBe Game app, and the GoBe Game gods will keep a live score of who’s in the lead.

GoBe Games | Fit is Chic

At the end of the 24-hour race, there will be an awards ceremony/after party to announce the winner. The winning team of the GoBe Games will receive a FREE trip to Costa Rica!

GoBe Games | Fit is ChicThe after party will be open to everyone, not just the participants! Live music, local food, and your favorite people. . .Pretty badass way to finish a race, if you ask me.

Dying to register for the GoBe Games? Use my discount code: GOBEDFW83 and get 20% off the registration fee! I’ll also be giving away free registration for a team of 5 ($300 value) this week, so stay tuned to my Instagram.

If you have any questions regarding the GoBe Games, feel free to contact me, and I’ll do my best to help you out.

Stay fit, friends! & Godspeed. Xo

Love, Mattie Claire

*This post is sponsored by GoBe Games.

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