As a trainer, there’s a phrase I hear, more often than not, on a weekly (sometimes daily) basis…

I’m sorry, I know I suck.


You probably hate me. I’m sorry!

It used to catch me off guard, but now I expect it. And how I address it, is still the same…


Dealing with up to 16 different women in a day has confirmed this fact: Women are so incredibly hard on themselves.

And y’all, it’s an unhealthy cycle!

It breaks my heart when a client feels like they have to explain their tiredness or lack of ability to me. Newsflash, sister. That’s why you pay me…to get better! I’m not judging you. In fact, I commend you. It takes courage to ask for help; and that’s exactly what a trainer is — help. I’m here to help you, encourage you, and yes, I’m even a shoulder to cry on. (It happens!)

Thanks to all of the (literally) flawless Bloggers and Instagrammers, my job has become harder, and to be honest, at times it’s heartbreaking. Bringing in a picture of exactly how you want to look isn’t just for hairdressers anymore…

The worst part? These women I work with are beautiful. Inside and out. Yet, feeling beautiful isn’t validated until their legs and abs look like (insert model here).

I’ve been guilty of this mindset, too. It’s a terrible way to live. Constantly comparing your body to other women. It’ll make you crazy, and you’ll never be satisfied. And let me just say, screw those stupid articles addressing “what body type men really like.” That’s the biggest load of BS I’ve ever freakin’ heard. Men like boobs, butts, and pretty faces. Most men think Margot Robbie is a gift from God. And 98% of the male species think Iza Goulart can do no wrong. These women are on opposite ends of the body spectrum — one is curvaceous, one is really firm (and tan) skin and bones. See my point here?

No woman was made the same. So no matter how hard you try, your body will never look exactly like anyone else’s. The ONLY person you should be having body competitions with is yourself. The person you were yesterday, a week ago, a month ago. Compete against yourself, and you’ll never lose.

I came across an awesome quote yesterday. I loved it so much, I posted it on my Instagram.

Soul Food | Fit is ChicI love everything about this. I appreciate and respect a beautiful face, but a beautiful soul is where it’s at.

To all of my clients who are reading this, YOU DO NOT SUCK. No matter how many times you have to skip workout because life gets busy, no matter how many sets you fail to complete, no matter how many “water” breaks you have to take, you do not suck. You are incredible. And I’m honored to help you!

To my FiC followers, YOU DO NOT SUCK. Don’t ever read this blog and feel guilty about not working out. Fitness is not a guilt trip, it’s a marathon. And remember, starting over will ALWAYS trump not starting at all.

Stay fit, my beautiful friends! Xo

Love, Mattie Claire

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